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Holiday Travels to Spain in 2021 - Updated 21/05/21!

I think it's an understatement to say a great many of us based in the UK and around the world have missed our international travels. We're longing to get back to those favourite destinations dotted across the globe, in particular our beautiful Spain. And, it feels like, we're getting a little closer to the day we may have the freedom to travel abroad once again.

This week has seen the announcement from all four nations of the UK that from May 17th, Spain will be placed on governments traffic light system at Amber. Whilst not on the Green list, it is only one step away at this stage, making it slightly more positive.

Traveling to the UK from Spain - The rules are still very strict on travel to and from Spain. Travellers returning from Spain (countries on the UK Gov's Amber list) to the UK are required to - 1. Take a Covid PCR test within 72 hours of your arrival in the UK and be able to prove a negative result on arrival. 2. Complete a passenger locator form prior to traveling. 3.You must self isolate for 10 days at home. 4. Take a Covid PCR test on day two of your arrival in the UK. and, 4. Take a Covid PCR test on day 8 of arriving in the UK. The UK Gov states you must pay for these tests privately and not use the NHS.

A private Covid PCR test typically costs from around £45 in the UK, and, in Spain from around €60. Note - A PCR test is different from a Rapid-Lateral Flow Test, they are not the same and a Lateral Flow Test cannot be used in place of a PCR test. Entering the UK without having a PCR test result carries a £500 fine. For more information and all the latest guidance and requirements on Red, Amber and Green lists - click here

Furthermore - If you are returning from a county on the UK's Green List, its not just a case of showing your passport! You will still have to complete the following - 1. Take a Covid PCR test within 72 hours of when you are due to enter the UK and this must have a negative result. 2. Complete a Travel Locator Form. 3. Book and pay for Covid PCR test on day 2 of your arrival in the UK. Click here for more information and government guidance.

Traveling to Spain from the UK - From Monday May 24th, UK citizens will once again be allowed to travel to Spain for essential and non essential travel, i.e. a holiday. This is great news and a step closer to having the freedom travel we once took for granted.

The special conditions that were in place, such as PCR tests, quarantine etc have also been updated. You will no longer be required to take a PCR test prior to travel and will not have to quarantine either on arrival. You will still have to complete a Health Control Form no earlier than 48 hours before you are due to arrive in Spain. You may still have to undergo a temperature check on arrival and undergo a visual health assessment check on arrival, these lesser checks we think will be around for a little longer.

For more information and up to date government advice Click Here.

The news of once again being able to travel to Spain fills us with much hope that we can get out to Spain this summer, autumn or winter, or indeed all three :)

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NOTE - Information contained in this article was accurate at the time of publishing and should be used for guidance only. Whilst we make every effort to keep our information up to date, public information is constantly changing and therefore, no responsibility will be accepted if this information becomes out of date or which warrants this information to be inaccurate.

First published - 12/05/2021. Updated - 21/05/2021.

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