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Updated: Jul 15

Latest News and Updates

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13/07/2021 - Changes to Self Isolation - Scotland

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that from July 19, passengers arriving in Scotland from Amber list countries, which includes Spain, will no longer have to self isolate and the number of PCR tests required has been reduced for those citizens that have had both vaccinations.

So, no self isolation, but you will still need to take a PCR test within 72 hours of you flight to Scotland and one other PCR test that should be done on day two of your arrival home in Scotland. These rules apply to only those with both vaccinations. This is great news and a step forward to the day when we will not have any restrictions at all! Read the Official Requirements Here

The current rules for passengers traveling to Spain from the UK, is that they must have proof that they have had both vaccinations or have proof of a negative PCR result in order to enter the country.

This is great news for those wishing to grab a 2021 break to the sun. We currently have availability for the last week in August as well as from September onwards. Check here to see if your dates are available at our apartment rental.

09/07/2021 - Bars and Restaurants Opening Hour Extended

Great news for the summer season as bars and restaurants can now stay open till 1.00 am on the Costa del Sol, a much-needed help for those businesses that have been affected most. Read More

05/07/2021 - Changes to Self Isolation - England

The UK Prime Minister has announced today that passengers arriving in the UK from an Amber List country will not have to self isolate as long as they have both vaccinations. Proof of Vaccination will be required. PCR tests will still be required though. Read More


As the news of Covid cases increases in Spain, bars and restaurants will now have to close at the earlier time of 10pm at night. In Andalucía specifically, this means no citizens are allowed to be out of the house after 10.30pm.


Due to the rising number of Covid cases in Spain, some European countries including Britain have advised, you should not travel to Spain unless vitally necessary. Anyone returning from Spain must quarantine for 14 days. For specific details, see your own countries official government advice.


We have just released our autumn Special Offers. Get as much as 20% off your La Siesta accommodation. Top up your Vitamin D levels before the cut off in Oct. Conditions apply. Check out the latest HERE


The UK opens air corridor with many countries including Spain. Great news for the thousands of Brits looking to head off to their favorite hot spot under the Spanish sun.


We take great pride in ensuring only the highest standards of cleaning are applied at La Siesta. As with all holiday accommodation providers, we take the safety of all guests very seriously to ensure all surfaces door handles etc etc, have been properly cleaned. Common sense should always prevail as we are each responsible to ensure our levels of hygiene are maintained, for every-bodies benefit.


It's unfortunate, but the UK Gov have still got the return 14 day quarantine in place for any Brits returning home from Spain. It's looking like this will continue till around mid July.


Great News - Spain's foreign minister has removed the need for any Brits traveling to Spain to quarantine on arrival for 14 days. This change will take effect from June 21st. Wearing face masks/face coverings on public transport and in shops is mandatory and social distancing is very much still in force!


Covid - UK Quarantine - The UK have from today imposed a 14 day quarantine for all citizens returning to the UK from foreign travel. This restriction will be reviewed in three weeks. We are hopeful this restriction will be removed allowing better flexibility to all looking to travel abroad.


Offers - Times have been tough for the many in 2020. We have a 20% discount for all bookings throughout the month of July. See our Special Offers Page.


Covid Changes - We are delighted to report that as further easing of restrictions take place in Spain, communal swimming pools can now be used though there can be no over crowding of these areas and in bigger developments, will be monitored.


Flights - Ryanair have released news that many of their scheduled flights will start running again from July 1st, this includes many flights into Malaga from the UK and other European countries.

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